They say where there is smoke there is fire. At State Line Fireworks we don't smoke but we sure do set the sky on FIRE!

Artillery Shells

5″ artillery shells are the biggest and best! Huge color burst and loud band!

Rambo Kid

Smoke & Mirrors


Thunder Balls

Big Guns is a nice pack of artillery shells. Enjoy USA at State Line Fireworks.

Double Deuce offers 12 assorted maximum load artillery shells that are of the absolute highest quality. Another great value at State Line.

48 Shots – 84 Breaks KABOOM is an outstanding assortment of shells and sure to be a crowd pleaser at only State Line.

Fortress Stronghold is the ultimate mortar assortment selection. This assortment offers a fun filled and exciting evening of fireworks action. One of our best mortar assortments.

Serious Equipment is a large selection of artillery shells including ball shells, canister shells, peanut shells & triple break shells. A box full of fun is in Serious Equipment.