They say where there is smoke there is fire. At State Line Fireworks we don't smoke but we sure do set the sky on FIRE!

Aerial Repeaters

Always Ecstasy offers flaming balls and reports. This USA edition of ecstasy offers 16 shots.

Attention Race Fans… Super Stock Car by Brothers offers 16 shots of  flaming action. At State Line Fireworks  you get in on the action.

This Brothers 4 pack offers Slam Dunk, Hat Trick, Grand Slam & Touch Down all in one value packed package. All offering 16 shots of excitement and sure to  please any sports fan. Now at State Line Fireworks.

Brothers Choice is a 4 Pack of fireworks excitement. This package includes the 16 shot Regal, the Imperial, the Sovereign and Majestic areal repeaters.  Now available at State Line Fireworks for the lowest prices in town.

Here is a consumers choice favorite. Barrel of Bangs! A 19 shot areal repeater we like to call the crowd pleaser!

Stunt Man, Like the name says this 16 shot areal repeater offers the excitement of a Hollywood movie.

WARNING: The Instigator shoots flaming balls! This A1050 areal repeater is sure to be the envy of your neighbors.

Glory Days a USA brand product offering 16 shots of pure glory.

Firedrake is a 36 shot 350 grams of powder powerhouse. Check out the video. $

Eye Candy offers 16 shots. This is a hot seller at State Line Fireworks.